Damage by Another’s Vehicle

It can be truly shocking: A car or other vehicle strikes your home, lawn, commercial building or other structure. You may be sitting in your living room when it comes crashing through the wall. Or, you could be asleep and awakened by the entire house shaking from the impact. When a vehicle strikes a building, it can cause extensive damage that can be very expensive to repair. You shouldn’t be responsible for paying for it, especially if you pay premiums for a property insurance policy.

Tampa Insurance When Vehicles Strike a Building

If your Central Florida home or building was damaged when another person drove his or her vehicle into it, a Tampa property insurance lawyer can help you recover what you’re owed from the insurance companies. In any accident in which a vehicle is involved, there are likely to be two insurance companies you’ll have to deal with. At Germain Law Group, our attorneys can help you deal with both. We’ll fight to make sure you get the recovery you’re owed. Call us today at (813) 835-8888 to schedule a consultation.

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Claims for Damage by Another’s Vehicle in Florida

Vehicle damage on property is not entirely rare. People going through residential neighborhoods too fast, in particular, can lose control of their vehicle and it flies into a building or yard. It can also occur when the driver is drunk. Sometimes, a visitor driving up in your driveway or parking lot may lose control of the car, and it hits your building.

Even if the vehicle only strikes your lawn, it can cause extensive damage by the tire ruts it leaves. However, if it hits the home, garage or building, it can cause even more. It sometimes goes straight through the wall, leaving a huge hole and damaging your furniture, electronics and other property inside. However, even if just leave cracks, those cracks can cause problems with your foundation and roof that are very expensive to fix.

When a vehicle strikes your house, the driver will usually carry liability insurance, and the liability insurance company will be liable for the costs to your house. However, the auto insurance company will frequently only cover the value of the damage after depreciation. In most situations, you can seek the remainder of the real damage from your own property insurance policy. Damage from vehicles is frequently covered in property insurance policy claims.

Property insurance can be especially critical if the driver was uninsured or has a policy limit too low to cover the damages to the structure.

What To Do If Your Property is Struck by a Vehicle

If a vehicle strikes your home or building, first check to make sure everyone is safe. Make sure to check on your children. Even if they are in a different room, they may be hurt by falling debris. Also, check on the driver. There’s a good chance he or she is injured and needs assistance.

As soon as you check on everyone, get everyone out of the building. A building that has just been struck by a fast-moving vehicle is unsafe.

Like you would if involved in any accident, call the police. The insurance companies will request the accident report, and it could be an important part of making sure you fully recover. Ask the police to document all the damage.

Document the damage yourself, too. Take pictures and record all damage to the house. It might be important to prove what damage existed at the time of the accident.

Remember not to sign anything the insurance company tries to give you. You do not have to accept any settlement offered to you by the insurance company.

Your Attorney and Tampa Vehicle Damage Claims

If you have a claim for property damage due to a vehicle hitting your home, garage, building or property, you may find yourself in a tug-of-war between two insurance companies. Your property insurance company may claim the auto insurance company is responsible for paying for the damage, but the auto insurance company may attempt to offer much less than the value of the damage.

Your Tampa property insurance attorney can deal with both insurance companies to make sure you are fully compensated. Your lawyer can file the claim and negotiate a better settlement. If either insurance company denies your claim, he can take them to court.

Germain Law Group | Central Florida Vehicle Damage Lawyer

If your home, garage, yard, commercial building or other structure was damaged by someone else’s vehicle, you don’t have to take whatever settlement offered to you. The Tampa vehicle damage lawyers at the Germain Law Group can represent you. They can fight the insurance companies for a greater claim. Call today at (813) 835-8888 to set up a consultation to discuss your claim.