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You pay premiums for your homeowner’s insurance policy so it will be there for you when you need it. When you make a claim, your insurance company should seriously consider that claim and act promptly without needless delay. You are counting on them. So when they reject your claim, unnecessarily delay it or attempt to offer a settlement that is far below the cost of your damages, they might be acting in bad faith.

Bad Faith in Tampa Homeowner’s Insurance

When your homeowner’s insurance company acts in bad faith, a Tampa bad faith lawyer can fight to make sure you recover for all the damages you suffered. When you pay premiums for a homeowner’s insurance policy, and they fail to do their duty when it comes time, the knowledgeable attorneys at the Germain Law Group can take the insurance company on so you can recover. Call the Germain Law Group today at (813) 835-8888 to schedule a consultation.

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Florida Homeowner’s Insurance Bad Faith

When a policy holder makes a homeowner’s insurance claim, the insurance company is supposed to act in good faith and in the best interests of the insured. It is supposed to pay the claims, under the law, when it becomes reasonably clear that the claim is something the insurance company covers and will have to pay.

If your homeowner’s insurance company denies a claim for a peril that is clearly covered in your policy, or is unreasonably slow to act, or does not investigate according to standards that insurance companies are supposed to use, then your insurance company may be acting in bad faith.  

It may also be acting it bad faith if it offers a settlement that is clearly below what would cover the cost of your damages, or if it makes misrepresentations of any facts about their investigation or about your policy.

A possible example of bad faith: Fire is a named peril in your homeowner’s insurance policy. Your house burns down after a lightning strike. The fire marshal clearly notes the cause of the fire. You submit the claim, with the report. Your insurance company denies the claim, claiming arson and giving no basis for this. In this instance, the insurance company appears to be acting in bad faith.

Homeowner’s Insurance Bad Faith Remedies

Florida law gives you the right to pursue damages in bad faith cases, including attorney’s fees and court costs. Damages can be substantial in bad faith cases – in the above example, further delaying payment results in a longer time you are out of a home.

In addition, you may be eligible for punitive damages if the insurance company’s actions were willful, wanton or malicious. Your Tampa bad faith lawyer will seek all the damages you are owed.

You must act quickly, though. You only have five years to file your claim.

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