Condo Associations

A condominium association has significant assets it oversees. The condo association is typically responsible for all common areas of the building, including meeting rooms, the lobby, exercise rooms or gyms, pools, parking garage, carport, storage units and more. Perhaps more importantly, the association is charged with the upkeep of the structural elements of the building, including the interior and exterior walls, foundation, roof, cladding, HVAC systems, electrical systems and plumbing.

To protect those significant assets for a condominium building, the HOA may purchase a property insurance policy.

Insurance Claims for Condominium Associations

If you are in charge of a condominium association in Florida and are seeking to recover for a claim on the property insurance policy, you can have the assistance of an experienced Tampa insurance lawyer to help you through any difficulty. If a claim submitted by your condo association is denied or the company returns with an insufficient amount, Michael B. Germain can represent you in obtaining the recovery your HOA needs.

The Germain Law Group represents condo associations throughout Florida, including in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Polk, and Hernando Counties. Call today at (813) 835-8888 to schedule a consultation to discuss your association’s case.

Information for Florida Condo Associations on Insurance

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Claims on Condo Association Insurance Policies

There are a variety of claims that a condominium association might make to recover from weather events, vandalism, lawsuits and even if the condo association itself becomes a victim of crime.

For instance, a property insurance policy may cover weather events, like hurricanes, fires and other events out of the association’s control. If a fire damages a common area, a hurricane damages the roof, lighting damages the HVAC system or a drunk driver crashes into the gate, a property insurance policy is intended to pay for repairing the damages, which may be in the millions for some larger structures.

A condo association’s insurance policy may also exist to protect the association against crime. Damages for crime to the structure can range from vandalism or graffiti on the exterior walls to severe damage to the structure from arson.

Additionally, the condominium association is responsible for thousands of dollars or more in HOA dues. Condo owners pay their dues and expect the money to be spent on the building. However, an unscrupulous board member may steal the funds. An insurance policy might cover the condo association if that happens.

Additionally, many condo associations also carry a general liability policy. If someone is injured on the grounds, due to a slip and fall, accident in the garage or crime, the liability policy covers the HOA in case of a lawsuit.

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Denial of Condo Association Claim

The insurance company may deny the claim, saying it fits under an exclusion or falls outside the conditions of the policy. They may say that the damage was caused by something that the policy does not cover. The insurance company could also unnecessarily delay payment, or make an offer that is far below the value of the damage.

For general liability claims, it is also possible for the insurance company to negligently defend you, leaving you on the hook for a settlement that exceeds your policy limits.

A Tampa insurance lawyer will represent you to the insurance company and seek an offer that truly represents your damages. Your attorney will negotiate with the insurance company. If they do not make a satisfactory offer, he can take them to court.

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Finding an Insurance Attorney for Your Condo Association

Michael B. Germain is a skilled Tampa insurance lawyer who can represent your condominium association if your claim has been denied, or if you are otherwise experiencing difficult. Call today at (813) 835-8888 to schedule a consultation.