Damage By Smoke

Whether the fire is on your property or someone else’s, damage from smoke can be extensive. It can cover everything – your walls, your furniture, your art, your clothing. Much of your property may be unsalvageable, and what’s left may be very expensive to clean up. Your home may even be uninhabitable. If you have property insurance, it’s very likely that your damage is covered. However, recovering the full amount may be a challenge.

Tampa Damage By Smoke Lawyer

If your property has been damaged by smoke, our Tampa damage by smoke lawyers at Germain Law Group can help you get the settlement from your insurance company that you deserve. Don’t take an undervalued settlement from your insurer. You can have an experienced attorney helping you negotiate for a better amount, or fighting denied claims. Our insurance lawyers will seek the best result. Call us today at (813) 835-8888 to schedule a consultation about your smoke damage claim.

The Germain Law Group helps the victims of smoke damage throughout Hillsborough County, Polk County, Pinellas County and Citrus County.

Smoke Damage in Florida

Damage by smoke is a commonly named peril in Florida property insurance policies. A named peril means the type of damage is specifically listed in an insurance policy as something the policy will cover.

Whenever there’s a fire, the smoke spreads. If it’s in your home or property, it will likely spread all over, even if it’s just a small fire that does not otherwise substantially damage your property. It will find every nook and cranny, and invade closets and things behind closed doors. It can damage your property inside and out.

Even if the flame is not on your property – if it’s on a neighboring property, or is a nearby forest fire, grassfire or wildfire – the smoke can damage the outside of your property, and can even permeate the inside of your property. For some smoke-damaged homes and buildings, it can be hard to tell if the fire was on or off the property.

Soot can heavily damage property, and be very hard and expensive to clean. Repainting is usually necessary. Some items may be destroyed.

Smoke Damage Claims on Central Florida Property

When you’ve experienced smoke damage, it’s important to fully document all the damage. Take plenty of pictures, both of walls and of items and valuables damaged or destroyed. If you can locate receipts or other documentation of the value of the property damaged, collect them. They could come in handy in proving the extent of your damages.

Your Tampa property insurance lawyer can file your claim on your behalf, and represent you on all matters to your insurance company.

When dealing with your insurance company, it’s important not to sign any documents they give you. You don’t have to agree to any kind of settlement for your smoke damage, no matter what your insurance company tells you.

Undervaluing or Denying Your Tampa Smoke Damage Claim

Your insurance company may return with a claim that is worth less than the cost of the smoke damage. They may claim that the property damaged was not worth what you claim it was worth, or that the property will not cost as much to replace, repair or clean. They may also deny or delay the claim.

You don’t have to accept the insurance company’s response. Your attorney can negotiate with your insurance company to seek a settlement that truly covers the expenses you face, or argue why your claim should not be denied. If the insurance company refuses to cooperate, he can take them to court to get the payment you deserve.

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If you’ve suffered from smoke damage, don’t go it alone when seeking recovery from your property insurance. Our Tampa damage by smoke lawyers at Germain Law Group can fight to get the payment you deserve for your property damage claim. Call the Germain Law Group today at (813) 835-8888 to set up a consultation.