Vandalism or Malicious Mischief

Vandalism can cause critical damage to your property. Sometimes, the damage can be very expensive to remedy. Other types of vandalism or malicious mischief can permanently damage your property. But if your insurance covers damages or loss by vandalism, you don’t have to live with defaced, damaged or destroyed property.

Tampa Vandalism Insurance Lawyer

If you’ve been the victim of vandalism in Central Florida, Tampa vandalism insurance lawyers at the Germain Law Group can help you recover for your losses. Mark Germain represents property crime victims to their insurance company to help them get the recovery they are owed under their policy. He can negotiate with the insurance company for a settlement that best covers the true cost of the damage. Don’t settle for whatever you can get. Call the Germain Law Group at (813) 835-8888 to schedule a consultation to discuss your vandalism claim.

The Germain Law Group represents people with vandalism claims in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Polk, Citrus, Hernando, and surrounding counties.

Vandalism Claims in Florida

Claims for vandalism or malicious mischief can occur on any item of property. It could be a house, building or other structure that has been spray painted or scrawled on with permanent markers.. It could be broken windows by kids throwing rocks. It could be wanton destruction of items in your lawn.

Vandalism, malicious mischief or criminal mischief is covered under your policy if it is a named peril, meaning it is listed specifically as an incident that is covered under your policy. It is a common named peril, but may not be covered by your insurance company if it is not listed as a named peril. If the particular vandalism incident involved fire, burning or explosions, the named peril to look for is likely arson.

Filing a Vandalism Claim on Central Florida Property Insurance

Once you discover the act of vandalism or criminal property damage, it’s important to quickly call the police to make a report. The insurance company is likely to request a copy of the report, and it may hinder your ability to recover if you are unable to provide them with one. Ask that the officers document the damage in their report.

Additionally, you should document the damage yourself. Take pictures of all the destruction and damage. If you take any measures to mitigate the damages, make sure you have photographed them first. If possible to timestamp the photos, do so. Search for any receipts or other documentation that shows the value of the property damaged or destroyed, if possible.

Your Tampa property insurance claims lawyerwill help you actually file the claim. He can represent you on any and all matters to your insurance company, including filing the claim for you.

Do not sign any documents provided to you by the insurance company. If offered a settlement, do not accept it. Instead, it is best to promptly secure the services of an attorney.

If Your Tampa Malicious Mischief Claim is Denied

When you file your criminal mischief claim, your insurance company may attempt to deny it. They might claim fraud – that you sprayed graffiti your own property in order to have the insurance company repaint it, for instance. They may claim that the damage is not covered by your property, even if vandalism is a named peril.

They may also try to shortchange you by saying you are attempting to claim to much for the value of the property. They may say it won’t cost as much as it actually will cost to repair the damage. They may try to offer a settlement far below the actual value of the property damage.

Your attorney can negotiate with your insurance company for a greater settlement – one that covers the real value of the property destroyed or damaged. If they deny it, he can argue why they must cover it, and take them to court and represent you if they still refuse.

Germain Law Group | Central Florida Malicious Mischief Attorney

When your property becomes damaged or destroyed by vandals, your insurance company may not come through, despite the fact that the policy you pay premiums for should cover such damage. When they don’t, the Tampa vandalism insurance lawyers at Germain Law Group are there for you. Call us today at (813) 835-8888 to set up a consultation to discuss your claims.