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    " With Michael Germain and his help, we were able to rebuild from the ground up and be even stronger than we were before. Because of the Germain Law Group, we were able to get better results than we even expected."
    - Client for a residential
    fire damage case.
    " The process of dealing with Mr. Germain was very easy. He always reassured me that he could take care of any claim that I have. If I call him anytime of night, he always picks up. He's always there."
    - Client for
    commercial hurricane damage claims.
    " Mike got me a good settlement. If you went through what I went through, you need to call Mike Germain. I mean there's no way around getting it settled without him. You can't do it yourself. It's obvious the insurance companies don't want to deal with you. You need an expert and that's where Mike Germain comes in."
    - Client for a commercial
    fire damage case.

    Florida Insurance Lawyers

    Aggressive legal representation for policyholders experiencing an insurnace claim dispute.
    We protect the rights of Floridians by holding insurance companies accountable.

    Types of Disputes

    Denied Claims
    When you purchase an insurance policy, you expect your insurer to have your back during times of crisis. Unfortunately, some insurers will outrightly deny your claim without a justifiable reason, even though it’s listed under your policy guidelines. Insurance agents or brokers may attempt to persuade you into thinking the denied claim is a special circumstance by using jargon that’s intentionally confusing. But you shouldn’t fall for this. When an insurance company fails to provide compensation for a covered claim, they are in breach of their contract and can be held liable.
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    Underpaid Claims
    A common tactic used by insurance companies is to provide low-ball settlement offers to desperate policyholders. Although it can be tempting when you’re in crisis, it’s important you don’t accept any suspicious settlement offers without legal representation. Insurers intentionally offer low settlements so they can refuse to provide any coverage later. Often insurance companies are well aware of what an appropriate settlement offer should be, and if they offer less it’s intentional. Insurers who knowingly underpay claims are violating the terms of your contract and can be held accountable for their actions in a court of law.
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    Delayed Claims
    Insurers have an obligation to policyholders that they will provide services in a timely manner. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. Insurance companies may go through exhaustive measures to delay a claim for an extended period of time. They may dodge phone calls, ignore emails, have elongated processing times and fail to give clear instructions on what they require to file the claim. Insurance companies who intentionally delay claims aren’t following the rules outlined in the Florida Statutes and can be held liable for violating it.
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    Bad Faith
    Insurance companies are required to settle claims in good faith or acting under all circumstances in a fair and honest manner. If an insurance company intentionally uses deception and other dishonest means to settle or deny a claim, then it’s considered to be an act in bad faith. Insurers can act in bad faith in various ways and it can vary based on the situation. Some examples include making payments without a statement setting forth coverage, refusing to insure for discriminatory reasons, or engaging in unfair claim settlement practices such as low-ball offers or unnecessary delays. Insurance companies who aren’t practicing in good faith are violating the rules of the Florida Statutes and can be sued as a result.
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    Types of Insurance Policies

    More About Insurance Disputes

    Attorney Michael B. Germain

    Attorney Michael B. Germain

    Michael B. Germain is the founder of the Germain Law Group. For over a decade, Michael has been involved in litigating insurance claims and complex commercial matters. Michael's practice is focused on representing policyholders, both individuals and businesses against their insurance companies.

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    Germain Law Group, P.A.

    An accident or natural disaster can strike at any time creating a heavy financial burden for you and your family. From the cost to repair physical damage to your property, to medical bills, to the loss of your income, to the cost to defend your company against a lawsuit when your liability insurance company refuses to provide you with a defense.

    Most people assume that their insurance companies will fully protect them if an unfortunate event occurs. That is why the person bought insurance in the first place. Unfortunately, thousands of Americans each day discover that this is not always the case. Instead, their insurance companies ignore them, delay their claims and then deny coverage. As a result, these individuals and companies are forced to face their losses alone.

    Insurance companies often have their own best interests in mind, rather than those of the insured policyholder. Despite paying monthly or annually for a policy, the insured individual or business owner can find themselves facing the brunt of their losses after their insurance claim is denied or underpaid. After a claim is denied, the person should seek our the advice of an attorney to find out more about their legal recourse in order to recover the compensation they deserve from their insurance company.

    Experienced Legal Counsel When You Need it Most

    The attorneys at the Germain Law Group are dedicated to protecting the rights of insured policyholders. Based in Tampa, Hillsborough County, this insurance law firm represents a diverse group of clients throughout the Central Florida region. No matter the complexity of the insurance claim, each client gets the benefit of confident and experienced legal guidance at their side, every step of the way. The Germain Law Group also provides dedicated representation for personal injury, commercial litigation, and general civil matters.

    Michael Germain is the founder of the Germain Law Group. The 2015 Florida SuperLawyer built his law firm on honesty, preparation, and open-communication. Michael Germain helps clients understand their legal options and the most favorable paths to pursue, whether it means trial or settlement. If a case will benefit from a trial, clients can be assured that the Germain Law Group will aggressively fight for their best interests, even against large insurance companies.

    If you live in Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, or the surrounding areas in the greater Tampa Bay area, then call 813-835-8888 or send an online message to learn more about your legal options. During your free, no-obligation consultation, Michael Germain will explain the best options available to you and the steps needed to help take you there. You have already suffered enough and should not have to go through more pain because an insurance policy was not honored. Call today to begin the path towards regaining your future.

    Standing up for the People

    When dealing with an insurance claim, it is vital to remember where the insurance company’s interests lay. The insurance company is a business, which is first and foremost obligated to shareholders. This means that the insurance company is concerned about the bottom line and is most likely going to act out of self-interest, including denying or delaying otherwise legitimate claims.

    As you may imagine, disputes over insurance claims are common, especially with the complexity of insurance agreements and the current state of the economy. Insurance disputes can arise for property insurance claims, liability insurance claims, auto insurance claims, life insurance claims, health insurance claims and any other type of insurance matter.


    Property owners are exposed to loss from sinkholes, hurricanes, floods, wind, fire, lightning, and other natural events. Those types of property claims are especially likely in Florida and areas along the coast, such as Brevard County and St. Lucie County. When you have a disputed insurance claim, you need to seek legal guidance to fight for the compensation that you deserve, including the cost to repair your home or building, legal fees to defend a lawsuit, lost wages, medical bills and other financial obligations.

    The Germain Law Group stands as an advocate for people who are suffering under these unfair situations. Insurance litigation requires a different approach than many other legal practice areas. A successful insurance case often relies on extremely meticulous preparation and attention to detail. After all, the insurance policy that a person agrees to is created by the insurance company, which anticipates many of the plaintiff’s claims or arguments. Michael Germain makes every effort to prevent the insurer from taking advantage of loopholes as he thoroughly presents his clients’ cases.

    Aggressive Commercial Litigation

    Businesses are exposed to loss caused by fraud, employee theft, contractual disputes, violations of non-compete agreements, tortious interference with business relationships, copyright infringement, unacceptable employment practices and other matters. Regardless of the size of the business, this can potentially result in serious financial losses, which can devastate smaller businesses. Experienced legal representation is needed in these cases to protect valuable assets and ensure smooth future business operations.

    Michael Germain is experienced in handling complex business matters and small business litigation throughout Florida, including the communities of Manatee County and Pasco County. He understands the issues facing today’s business owners and makes it a priority to give them the informed legal counsel that they need. This includes commercial and business litigation, alternative disputes procedures and day-to-day counseling regarding potentials claims for or against your company. With the Germain Law Group, you can rest assured that you will have both a strong advocate and a trusted advisor at your side.

    Regain Your Future and Freedom

    You deserve fair compensation from the insurance policy that was meant to protect you against these losses. If you believe that your insurance claim has been unfairly denied or that you have not received the compensation you deserve under your policy, it is time to seek experienced legal guidance. Germain Law Group represents clients throughout Florida, including Indian River County who are in need of dedicated counsel.

    Call 813-835-8888 today or send an online message to have your case evaluated by an experienced Tampa insurance law attorney. Michael Germain will review your case, help you make sense of your situation, and explain the paths available to you. The first step towards gaining the compensation that you deserve begins with a phone call.