Fire Claims

Fire claims to an individual’s property can arise from several factors. During extensive periods of heat or drought in Florida, wildfires often start that can spread from house to house causing significant property damage. Fires resulting in property damage can also occur from arson or an accident in the home.

After a fire has ravaged your home or business, there can be many types of damage, including structural damage, water damage, smoke damage, damage to the building’s plumbing or electric systems, and damage to the personal property inside the structure.

 If your fire claim has been denied, delayed or disputed in bad faith by your insurance company, it is important to hire an experienced Tampa insurance lawyer.

Tampa Fire Claims Lawyer

Contact the Germain Law Group at (813) 835-8888 for a consultation about your property damage fire claim in Tampa, Florida. Attorney Michael B. Germain is knowledgeable in all areas of Florida’s insurance laws and is experienced dealing with fire damage claims. Call the Germain Law Group today about your fire damage claim or claim denial throughout the areas in Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, Brevard County and Manatee County, Florida.

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Fire Insurance in Florida

Most home fires are covered in Florida by basic home insurance policies. These policies are often called Named Perils Policy. This means if the damage caused to your property was listed in the policy, then it was covered. However, if the damage was not listed in your policy, it is not covered.

According to Fla. Stat. § 624.604, property insurance covers damage to all real or personal property, including homes or business structures, as a result of fire damage.

Many insurance companies will perform a thorough investigation after your home has been damaged by a fire, including inspecting your home for any evidence of fraud that could have caused the fire. Insurance providers will attempt to dispute the cause of the fire in bad faith and try to prove it resulted from something that is excluded in your insurance policy or it was the result. It is important to hire a knowledgeable insurance attorney who will help you prepare for any disputes or denials by your insurance provider.

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Filing a Fire Claim in Florida

After your home or personal property has been damaged by a fire, it is important to immediately call your insurance attorney to make sure your policy covers the damage, and you give only correct and essential information to your insurance provider.

After you have discussed the facts of situation with your lawyer, they will then file a claim on your behalf with your insurance carrier, or inform your carrier that they are now representing your claim if you already have one filed.

From the time the fire first happens and throughout the entire claims process, it is important to keep photos and videos of all damage. Additionally, you should request every statement or conversation to be in writing from your insurance company and keep any receipts from repairing the damage. Your insurance provider will probably attempt to dispute the extent of damage and cost of repairs. Any evidence you keep will help you recover the benefits you are entitled to.

Your insurance policy may also require you to mitigate any additional damage to your property after the initial fire damage has occurred. If further damage does occur to your property and you could have prevented it, your insurer may deny your entire claim.

Make sure you do not sign anything your insurance carrier provides you. You are not required to accept their settlement offer or the amount of loss they claim you have suffered. They may be asking you to sign something in fine print that waives any further liability on their behalf or states that you will not sue them if there is any dispute in resolving the claim.

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Denial of Fire Claims in Tampa

Your insurance provider will likely deny your claim for property damage arising from a fire for several reasons. They may claim the fire was fraudulently started, the fire was caused by some electrical or other malfunction that is not covered by the insurance policy, or you made misrepresentations about the property that was damaged in the fire.

Your insurance carrier will make every effort to dispute the amount of loss you have sustained after a fire, and will try to prove the cause of the fire was not covered under your policy. If your insurance company has denied your fire claim, they must provide you with notice of the denial that explains why the coverage was denied and the specific provisions in your policy resulting in the denial.

If your damage claim has been denied or your insurance provider is refusing to pay for your total loss, it is important to hire an insurance lawyer in Tampa who will help you proceed with any necessary legal action.

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Contact the Germain Law Group today for a consultation about your fire damage claim in Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, Brevard County and Manatee County. Michael B. Germain is an experienced insurance claim dispute attorney in Tampa who will listen to the facts of your situation and help you determine the best recourse in pursuing your claim. Contact the Germain Law Group at (813) 835-8888 for a consultation about your property insurance claim denial throughout Central Florida, including Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Titusville, Palm Bay, Melbourne, Bradenton and Palmetto.