Termite Damage Insurance Claims

Termite damage is a common area for insurance companies to deny your claim when they should be paying out.  Insurance agents will often claim your policy does not cover termite damage, even when it actually does.  Even if there is a specific termite exclusion written into your policy, it may be possible to recover damages caused by or related to termites based on another clause in your policy.

Tampa Termite Damage Insurance Lawyer

Termites, while small, have the potential to devour the entire infrastructure of a home. That’s why getting the coverage you were promised by your insurance company is essential if you’re dealing with termite damage. If your insurance company is disputing or denying your termite damage claim, consult with Michael Germain of Germain Law Group, P.A..

Contact the Germain Law Group at (813) 835-8888 for a consultation about your termite damage insurance claim in Tampa, Florida. Attorney Michael B. Germain is knowledgeable in all areas of Florida’s insurance laws, and experienced with termite damage claims. Call the Germain Law Group today about your property damage claim throughout the areas of Hillsborough County, Polk County, Pinellas County and Hernando County, Florida.

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What Does Termite Damage Look Like?

Termites are a problem nationwide. It’s estimated that termites cause about 5 billion in property damage to homes and businesses each year. Termites that have created extensive nests in homes or business can cause thousands of dollars in property damage. What that damage looks like will depend on the circumstances.

The following are some signs your property has been infested with termites.

  • Wood Flooring “Blisters” – When your floor begins warping you might think its water damage, but in fact it’s due to termites. Termites cause damage to the subfloor which can cause the floorboards to blister.
  • Damaged or Hollowed Wood – Termites chew through floors, walls, and whatever wood they can find in search of cellulose. When they are chewing, they leave long grooves and over time these grooves weaken the wood and eventually creates structural damage. Often this damage will hollow out the wood and inside you’ll notice the interior looks like honeycomb.
  • Termite Wings – When you find termite wings near closed windows, doors, and other home-access points then there’s a high chance you have a swarm. Termites leave their wings when they swarm out of their nest to mate and find a place to start a new colony. They intentionally twist off their wings when they land because they will never use them again.
  • Mud Tubes – These are pencil-sized tunnels located around termite wood structures or concrete foundations. They are composed of soil, wood, and house subterranean termites. The tubes help termites protect themselves from predators when traveling between their food source and nest.

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Termite Damage Insurance in Florida

If your property is damaged by termites, you may be able to recover your damages from your insurance company, whether you have a homeowner’s or business policy.  Termites, including the eastern subterranean termite and the dry wood termite, thrive in Florida’s climate and damage from them is a common problem for building owners.

Insurance companies often categorically deny claims related to termite damage.  Insurance agents will even attempt to discourage you from filing a claim by telling you that termite damage is not covered by your policy, even when it actually is covered by the policy.

Even if there is a termite exclusion written into your policy, it may still be possible to recover damage related to termites.  A careful reading of your policy may find a way to recover damages, even if a termite exclusion is written into the policy.  For example, if a building collapses due to termite damage, you may still be able to recover damages based on coverage for “collapses” even if there is a termite exclusion elsewhere in the policy.

Other legal options may also be available to you, such as a lawsuit against an exterminator who failed to do their job properly, or a lawsuit against whoever you bought the property from if it had hidden termite damage or infestation at the time of the sale.

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Additional Resources

Termite Swarming is Underway in Florida – Visit the official website for, which is the official website for the non-profit organization known as the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). Access the site to read an article about termites in Florida, why they are growing in population, signs of termite damage, and other environments termites commonly live in.

Termites: How to Identify & Control Them – Visit the official website for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to learn more about how to spot termites and limit their scope of damage. Access the site to find more information about how to handle an infestation,  how to know if you have termites, and what are the different types of termites.

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Termite Damage Insurance Attorney in Tampa, FL

Contact the Germain Law Group today for a consultation about your termite damage insurance claim in Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, Brevard County, and Manatee County. Michael B. Germain is an experienced insurance attorney in Tampa who will examine the facts of your situation and help you determine the best course for pursuing your termite damage claim. Contact the Germain Law Group at (813) 835-8888 for a consultation about your termite damage insurance claim throughout Central Florida, including Tampa, Sun City Center, Hunters Green, and surrounding communities.

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