Florida Resources

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation – This Florida non-profit organization is dedicated to providing protection for the state’s property owners. Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (CPIC) provides affordable insurance options to those in financial need.

3802 Coconut Palm Drive
Tampa, FL 33619

Florida Consumer Complaints Guide – In Florida, consumer complaints are collected and investigated by the state department overseeing each issue. This website contains a guide for consumers to locate the contact information and necessary forms to file specific complaints with an array of government departments.

Florida Conduct Penalties for Insurers – This website contains the latest version of the rules adopted by the Florida Administrative code in regards to insurance entities. These penalties were last published in 1994.

Florida Department of Insurance Regulation – Florida’s Department of Insurance serves to both protect the consumer and insurance regulator. This is done through the enforcement of state insurance laws, promoting a healthy environment for insurers to operate in, educating the public on insurance, and advocating for consumer’s rights. Additionally, the department investigates insurance claims and complaints.

200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399

Florida Insurance Commissioner Advocate – The state’s Insurance Commissioner Advocate brings attention to questionable insurance practices and promotes healthy market rates on insurance policies. The advocate also represents the interests of the consumer during regulatory proceedings under the jurisdiction of the Department of Financial Services and the Office of Insurance Regulation. The office can be reached at 850-413-5923.

Florida Life & Health Insurance Guaranty Association – The FLAHIGA was created in 1979 by the Florida state legislature. The purpose of the organization is to safeguard the life and health insurance policyholders in the state. This is done by maintaining policies owned by insolvent or liquidated insurers, which may include transferring the policy to another State approved agency.

3740 Beach Boulevard, Suite 201-A
Jacksonville, FL 32207

Florida Worker’s Compensation Joint Underwriting Association, Inc. – Also referred to as the FWCJUA, the Florida organization was established in 1993 to help businesses who could not otherwise afford it provide workers compensation insurance (as required by law) to their employees. Only certain insurance agencies are authorized to connect businesses with FWCJUA insurance policies.

Gulf Coast Claims Facility – After the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in April 2010, countless people and businesses suffered damaged property and loss of income as a result. The Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF) was established as part of the government’s response to help regulate ensuing claims against BP.

2551 Drew Street
Suite 301
Clearwater, FL 33765

Insuring Florida – The Florida Office of Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) created this website to help improve the public’s understanding of how insurance works. Since Florida is one of the nation’s most hurricane prone states, the organization puts an emphasis on property and life insurance.

4775 E. Fowler Ave.
Tampa, FL 33617

Office of the Attorney General of Florida – While the Florida Office of the Attorney General is responsible for handling a number of criminal cases, it is also tasked with investigating and prosecuting consumer claims. This website provides tips on how to avoid the most common crimes against the consumer, such as lemon law, identity theft, and economic crimes. It also contains contact information for reporting and filing related claims.

West Florida Better Business Bureau – The West Florida BBB is dedicated to providing consumers with accurate information about businesses. Complaints filed against the business are displayed on the website, which also allows business owners a medium to resolve them.

National Resources

National Association of Insurance Commissioners – Commonly known as the NAIC, the National Association for Insurance Commissioners is made up of state government officials and their staff, who are responsible for regulating the conduct of insurance companies and agents. This association was created in 1871 to coordinate and regulate multistate insurers.

National Flood Insurance Program – Established by Congress in 1968, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) helps provide a means for property owners in at-risk areas to protect themselves from natural disaster related damages. Most homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover floods, necessitating an organization such as the NFIP. For communities who agree to meet or exceed flood safety standards put forth by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the NFIP offers flood insurance.

Articles and Publications

“Appealing denied claims seems to work.” Emily Gross. Options Home Health. This article further examines the Government Accountability Office report, released on March 16 2011. It finds that patient appeals for health insurance claims have roughly a 39% success rate.

“GAO report shows success in health insurer appeals.” The Associated Press. March 2011. This article explores the rationale used by many insurance companies throughout the nation to deny appeals. Much of the rationale is based on the profit from interest that insurers stand to gain from denying or delaying appeals.

Central Florida Civil Court

Hillsborough County

13th Judicial Court, Hillsborough County – The judicial court handles matters not in the jurisdiction of county court. This includes criminal and civil matters such as family law, juvenile law, mental health, probate, civil matters (greater than $15,000), and appeals.

George Edgecomb Courthouse
800 E. Twiggs St. Tampa, FL 33602

Clerk of the Circuit Court, Hillsborough County – This office serves as both county Clerk and Comptroller. Primary duties in the office include processing civil and criminal court cases, conducting foreclosure and tax lien sales, securing and disposing evidence entered into the court, and assisting victims of abuse through a Domestic Violence Program. Additional, this office serves as the independent auditor of county departments, performs marriage ceremonies, issuing jury summonses and other tasks.

County Center
601 E. Kennedy Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33602

Pinellas County

6th Judicial Court, Pinellas County – The 6th Judical Court serves a population of nearly 1 million people in many criminal and civil matters. This includes civil cases that do not fall under small claims court, criminal, juvenile, and probate matters.

Clerk of the Circut Court, Pinellas County – Primary among the Pinellas County Clerk’s tasks is the maintenance of county records, including criminal and civil court cases, pleadings, and evidence. It ensures the integrity of court records, most of which are available for public access.

North County Branch Office
29582 U.S. 19 North 
Clearwater, FL 33761
St Petersburg Branch Office
545 First Avenue North
St Petersburg, FL 33701