Commercial General Liability Insurance

If you run a business in Florida, you may carry commercial general liability insurance to protect yourself against claims by customers, clients and competitors. A lawsuit from any of these could bankrupt you and shut your business down. If it comes time to make such a claim, and your insurance company denies your claim or negligently defends it, an attorney can help you avoid footing the bill.

Tampa Commercial General Liability Insurance Lawyer

If you have issues with your commercial general liability company, a dedicated Florida insurance lawyer can help you obtain the recovery you seek. Michael B. Germain represents businesses who have a dispute with their commercial general liability insurance company. He is knowledgeable attorney with an in-depth understanding of Florida insurance law.

Call the Germain Law Group at (813) 835-8888 to set up a consultation. The Germain Law Group represents clients across Florida, with offices in Tampa, Orlando and Fort Myers.

Florida Commercial General Liability Information Center

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What Commercial General Liability Insurance Covers

Business owners purchase a commercial general liability policy to cover them against the expenses they may occur as a result of lawsuits. The policy may be included as a part of the Business Owner’s Policy (BOP), which may include worker’s compensation insurance and property insurance, as well.

A general liability insurance covers a business if, for example, a customer slips and falls at a retail store, claims negligence and seeks to have his or her hospital bills reimbursed. It covers lawsuits pertaining to false advertising or any property damage allegedly caused by a business’s negligent actions.

Most general liability policies do not cover injuries to employees on the job (worker’s compensation is intended to cover those) or sexual harassment claims. Additionally, if your business is one of a professional, like a doctor, lawyer or accountant, general liability will usually not cover claims of malpractice.

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Denial of a Commercial General Liability Claim

An insurance may deny a claim. It may say that the claim falls under an exclusion or is otherwise not covered by the policy.

Their argument may be in bad faith. Bad faith, under the Florida Unfair Insurance Trade Practices Act, could include:

  • Denying a claim without conducting a reasonable investigation;
  • Making a misrepresentation about the policy and its coverage; and/org
  • Making a material misrepresentation of facts in order to settle a claim on terms that are less favorable to you.

If the denial was in bad faith, you may file a claim against your insurance company to recover your losses. A Florida general liability insurance lawyer can help you file that claim.

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Failure to Defend in Commercial Liability Claims

Your insurance company, under Florida law, is supposed to look out for your best interests when handling all aspects of a claim. However, in an effort to avoid paying what they perceive as a weak claim, the insurance company might attempt to fight it in court. If they lose, the insurance company will only pay up to your limit. If the judgment was for more, you will be liable.

In these situations, you may file a claim against your commercial general liability insurance company for breach of their duty to defend. Under such a claim, you are alleging that your insurance company failed to settle in your best interests.

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Finding the Best Commercial General Liability Insurance Lawyer in Florida

If you are business owner or manage a business and are involved in a dispute with your commercial general liability insurance company, a skilled Tampa insurance lawyer can represent you and seek the most favorable result for you. Call the Germain Law Group today at (813) 835-8888 to schedule a consultation. Germain Law Group represents businesses across Florida, with offices in Tampa, Fort Myers and Orlando.