Homeowner’s Liability Insurance

Accidents happen. Even with the best of intentions, sometimes we, and our family members, make mistakes that injure other people or cost them money. That’s why many people purchase a general liability or family liability option on their homeowners’ insurance policy — to cover the significant financial burden that they would face if found liable for another person’s injuries.

Tampa Homeowner’s Liability Insurance Lawyer

If you have a homeowner’s liability insurance policy, are sued and the insurance company rejects your claim, a Tampa homeowner’s liability insurance lawyer can help you seek for your insurer to act under the policy you pay premiums for. We purchase these policies for when we are in a time of need. When that time comes and the insurance company isn’t there for you, our attorneys at Germain Law Group will be on your side. Call us today at (813) 835-8888 to set up a consultation.

The Germain Law Group assists homeowners’ liability insurance policy holders in Hillsborough County, Brevard County, Pinellas County and Manatee County.

Reasons for Homeowner Liability Insurance in Florida

When a person commits an act that is in violation of a recognized standard of conduct, and that act causes injury to another person, it is called, in legal terms, a “tort.” Torts are one of the most basic concepts in the legal field.

Most torts are cases called negligence. In a negligence, a person had a duty to behave a certain way, usually as a “reasonable person,” failed to do so and caused another person damages. In negligence, the defendant, or person being sued, did not intend to harm anyone. In most cases, the person made a mistake, had a momentary lapse of judgment or did not pay attention when he or she was doing something potentially dangerous.

For instance, you are planting shrubs in your front yard, and have dug several small holes that are not immediately  visible. You invite a friend over, and forget to tell him about the holes. He walks through the front yard, as he usually does, trips and falls, breaking his ankle. You could be held liable for his medical bills, any missed work due to his injury or treatment, and possibly pain and suffering.

People get liability policies with their homeowners’ insurance to cover these costs. With a liability policy, the insurance company covers you when you are sued for a tort, including legal bills. The policy generally does not just cover negligence torts that happen on your property, either. They generally cover whenever a family member is sued for negligence.

Denial of Liability Coverage for Tampa Homeowners

The insurance policies cover negligence torts, but generally do not cover intentional tort. An intentional tort is when the defendant intentionally acted in a harmful way. Assault, battery, false imprisonment and defamation are examples of intentional torts.

Your insurance company may deny your claim, saying the act was intentional, when in fact it was a matter of negligence. Your Tampa general liability insurance lawyer can represent you to your homeowner’s insurance policy to make sure you are covered.

Germain Law Group | Tampa Homeowner Liability Attorney

If your homeowner’s insurance company is not property providing you with the representation you have a right to expect for your liability policy, our Tampa homeowner’s liability insurance lawyers can fight for you. Call us today at (813) 835-8888 to schedule a consultation.