Commercial Claims

Many businesses in Florida need commercial insurance policies, and one aspect of commercial insurance coverage concerns motor vehicles owned or used by the company. Certain types of vehicles may require commercial automobile insurance policies, but other types of businesses may have commercial plans with more specialized forms of coverage.

The type of commercial policy that a company needs for its motor vehicles will depend on how its vehicles are used for the business, which types of employees will be driving them, and whether employees will be driving their own automobiles for the company.

Commercial insurance policies are typically much costlier to maintain, and insurance companies are thus inclined to assign multiple agents and adjusters to commercial claims in order to minimize the insurer’s final payout.

Attorney for Commercial Claims in Tampa, FL

Are you preparing to file a commercial claim or is your insurer delaying or denying your commercial claim? Make sure to contact Germain Law Group, P.A. right away.

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Hillsborough County Commercial Claims Information Center

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Types of Commercial Claims in Florida

Commercial property insurance typically covers the personal property of a business, but a commercial automobile insurance policy protects a company’s vehicles. Automobile policies for commercial entities include policies ensuring vehicles with load capacities over 1,500 pounds, or insuring more than four vehicles, garages, or specified locations.

Commercial automobile insurance policies obviously come into play whenever a company car is involved in a motor vehicle accident. Some other reasons that businesses may need to file commercial claims relating to their vehicles include damage resulting from any of the following types of incidents:

  • Explosion;
  • Tornado;

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Issues with Commercial Claims in Hillsborough County

After a company files a claim relating to one or more of its vehicles covered by a commercial automobile insurance policy, the insurer will conduct an investigation. The amounts that insurance companies are willing to pay policyholders for their claims will depend on several factors, such as the market value of the automobile, the type of damage sustained, and the type of policy held by the policyholder.

In some cases, an insurer may propose a settlement offer for an amount that is far less than what the policyholder expected and needs to resolve the claim. In other cases, an insurance company may even outright deny a commercial motor vehicle insurance claim for such reasons as: 

  • Damages not covered by policy;
  • Claim was filed too late;
  • Non-payment of insurance premiums;
  • Fraudulent or questionable claims; or
  • Property damage excluded from the policy.

Insurance companies routinely interpret the exclusions sections of their contracts much more broadly while making sure that the types of harm covered by the policies are incredibly narrow. Germain Law Group, P.A. is extremely familiar with these types of issues and can fight to make your insurer honor the terms of its commercial auto insurance policy.

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Commercial Claims Resources in Florida

Automobile Insurance | Office of Insurance Regulation — The Office of Insurance Regulation is responsible for regulating insurance providers in Florida. Visit this section of the agency’s website to learn more about automobile insurance coverage in the Sunshine State. You can find information about commercial automobile liability and commercial auto physical damage policies.kl

Florida Statutes | Chapter 627 | Insurance Rates and Contracts — View the full text of Florida state laws relating to insurance contracts. Learn about the difference between the definitions for commercial property insurance, commercial casualty insurance, and commercial umbrella liability insurance. You will also find information about commercial general liability policies.

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Find a Commercial Claims Lawyer in Tampa, FL

If your insurance company is delaying or denying your commercial claim or has offered you a settlement that is much less than you believe it should be, do not sign any paperwork or make any statements to agents without first retaining legal counsel. Germain Law Group, P.A. helps individuals in Brevard County, Hillsborough County, Indian River County, Pasco County, Sarasota County, and several other nearby communities.

Michael B. Germain is an experienced insurance attorney in Tampa who has received Martindale-Hubbell’s AV Preeminent Rating, the highest possible rating in both legal ability and ethical standard.

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This article was last updated on Thursday, February 15, 2018.