Debris Removal

When you’re rebuilding your home, business or other building after a disaster, you must get the remains of the old one out of the way. However, many property insurance policies to cover the often costly process of cleaning up after a building is destroyed, even if the policy covers the peril that destroyed it. They do, however, offer a debris removal option.

Tampa Debris Removal Option Lawyer

If you need to apply your debris removal option, or are having issues when your debris removal option should not have been applied but was, an experienced attorney can help you fight to make sure you’re in the best position. The Tampa debris removal lawyers at the Germain Law Group will seek to get you the best result for your debris removal policy. Don’t let insurance companies get away with giving you less than you deserve. Call the Germain Law Group at (813) 835-8888 to schedule a consultation.

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Definition of Debris Removal Coverage in Florida

Property insurance typically covers the damage that a hurricane, fire, windstorm, flood or other named peril might cause, covering the rebuilding of your destroyed home or building. However, often, before you can rebuild, you must remove the remains of the old structure that sit on the property and stand in the way of replacing it. You must move the charred wood that exists after a fire, or foundation that sits alone after the flood.

Your insurance policy often will not cover the cost of this debris removal. This is often an expensive process — sometimes astronomically so. Environmental laws may make it even more expensive. For instance, if your property had asbestos or certain chemicals on the premises, it may be considered an environmental hazard and require special procedures.

Property insurance policies, therefore, offer a debris removal option that covers a certain amount of the cost of actually removing the debris. Typically, it is a certain percentage of the policy limit. For instance, if your debris removal option was 15 percent of the limit and your limit is $300,000, then up to $45,000 will be covered by the policy for debris removal.

Missed Application of Debris Removal Coverage in Tampa

Occasionally, an insurance company will not apply debris removal coverage to items that, in a covered peril, get tossed into the structure. This is a missed application of the coverage and can cost you.

For instance, you have a $100,000 policy limit on your homeowner’s insurance, with a 10 percent debris removal option. During a windstorm, a tree crashes into your house. The cost to repair your house is $110,000, so your insurance company says you owe $10,000.

However, the insurance company failed to include the debris removal coverage. Since part of the cost of the repairs was to actually remove the debris — the tree — from your house, it should have been included. Your Tampa property insurance lawyer can argue why the debris coverage should apply in your case.

Germain Law Group | Central Florida Debris Removal Attorney

Your debris removal option should be applied whenever applicable to make sure you’re getting what you paid for with your premiums. The Tampa debris removal option lawyers at Germain Law Group can help make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Contact us today at (813) 835-8888 to set up a consultation.