Loss of Use

If your property was damaged in a hurricane or any other event covered by an insurance policy, you have lost more than what it takes financially to repair the damage. You have also lost the use of the property while it is being repaired. Your policy may cover you for the loss of the use of any property damaged during a covered peril.

Tampa Loss of Use Lawyer

Your insurance company may try to deny or delay payments for loss of use, or not include it in the payout. If you are being denied the full payout you deserve, contact a Tampa loss of use lawyer at the Germain Law Group. Michael Germain represents people against their insurance companies to help make sure they get the full benefit of what they’re covered for. Call today at 813-835-8888 to set up a free consultation to discuss your case.

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Information on Loss of Use

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When Loss of Use Applies

Whether loss of use is covered, and the extent to which it is covered will depend on your individual policy.

Generally, loss of use may be covered if the policyholder is repairing the insured property, but it is not usable at the time. The person will be covered for the loss of the use of the property while it is being repaired.

For instance, if your Tampa home was badly damaged in a hurricane but would be livable with some repairs, loss of use would cover your expenses while you were repairing the home.

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Additional Living Expenses

If your house has been damaged, it may cost more to maintain a normal standard of living. For instance, if you do not have a working kitchen, it cost more to eat out every day. If you intend to retain your home, you must continue to pay the mortgage. However, you must also pay rent on a place to stay while the repairs are ongoing.

Loss of use coverage may pay for these extra expenses if it fits the normal standard of living. For instance, the apartment or home rented must be comparable in size to the insured property.

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Fair Rental Value

You may rent out a room, a garage apartment or any other portion of your home. While you are repairing the house, you are losing the rent payments of your tenants. Loss of use can cover you for this loss.

Loss of use coverage will pay fair value for the loss of the rent during the time that it takes to get the property repaired. If repairs are projected to take three months, then you should get the fair rental value of the property for three months’ worth.

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Prohibited Use

During a major disaster, like the hurricanes that hit Florida, the federal, state or local government may order an evacuation of the area. In these cases, the people fleeing must find other living quarters and pay a higher cost of living for days, weeks and months, until they are again allowed access to their homes.

Loss of use insurance should cover policyholders for these extra expenses. If your home was not destroyed and you merely lose use because you were forced to evacuate, it should also cover you in this situation.

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Finding the Best Hillsborough County Loss of Use Attorney

If your policy includes loss of use coverage in Tampa or the surrounding area but your insurance company is refusing to cover you, or is unnecessarily delaying your payout, call a dedicated lawyer at the Germain Law Group. Michael Germain is experienced in fighting insurance companies on behalf of policyholders. Call 813-835-8888 today to schedule a free consultation.