Lightning Damage

The conventional saying is that lightning striking is rare, but it’s just not true in Central Florida. Central Florida is the most lightning-prone area of the country, according to the National Weather Service, and it frequently strikes homes and does significant property damage. When that occurs, most property insurance policies cover the damage. However, the insurance company does not always act accordingly.

Tampa Lightning Damage Lawyer

If your insurance company attempts to deny your lightning claim or offers a settlement that is less than the cost of covering your damages, the Tampa lightning damage lawyers at Germain Law Group can help you. We’ll take on insurance companies and fight to maximize your settlement. Call us today at (813) 835-8888 to set up a consultation to discuss your lightning damage claim.

Germain Law Group represents the victims of lightning strikes in Central Florida through Hillsborough, Pinellas, Polk, Citrus, Hernando Counties, and surrounding areas.

Lightning Damage to Florida Homes

Lightning can cause a wide range of problems and damage. When lightning strikes, it burns. The results can range from a char to raging fire that burns your house down. Your home may have been rendered entirely uninhabitable by lightning damage. Additionally, lightning damage can cause electrical shortages that can damage wiring, appliances, electronics and A/C systems. Lightning can also damage plumbing.

Lightning damage doesn’t even have to hit the home or even your property to cause damage. If lightning hits a neighbor’s tree, it can set it on fire, which could spread to your home or property and damage it. Lighting can also strike a power line and enter your house, damaging your electrical system.

Lightning, of course, comes with storms, which can cause many other types of damage. It’s possible that the burns and electrical damage done by lightning is only one issue with your home, which may have damage from flooding and wind.

Filing a Claim for Lightning Damage in Central Florida

Once lightning hits your home or property, it’s important to quickly document the damage done. Take photos and note all damage you see. If possible, create a list of all property and items damaged or destroyed by the lightning or any fires that were set by the lightning strike. If you called the fire department, note when you called.

Lightning is a very common named peril in property insurance policies. A named peril means that it is something that the policy specifically covers.

Depending on the policy, it should cover any damage that results from lightning, including the fire damage and electrical damage that may result from a lightning strike.  After you make your claim, the insurance company will investigate.

Your Tampa property insurance lawyer can file your claim on your behalf, and represent you on all matters to the insurance company, including negotiating your settlement. It is important to not sign any documents your insurance company gives you without counsel.

Denial or Undervaluation of Tampa Lightning Damage Claim

Your insurance company may try to deny your lightning insurance claim. They may claim that some specific circumstance excludes the damage from being covered under your policy. They may even claim that you may have started the fires that led to the damage.

Your insurance company may also attempt to offer a settlement that severely undervalues the damage done to your home. They may, for instance, claim that you do not need to have your house entirely rewired, even if an electrician says that’s exactly what you need to do. They may claim that your house was worth less than it was.

Your attorney can take the insurance company on, arguing on your behalf why your lightning damage is covered under the policy you are paying premiums for. Your lawyer can also seek to negotiate a higher settlement that actually covers your damages.

Germain Law Group | Central Florida Lightning Insurance Attorney

If your house has been damaged or destroyed by lightning, and you pay premiums for a property insurance policy, your insurance company should cover your damages. If they fail, Tampa lightning damage lawyers at the Germain Law Group will seek to hold them accountable. Contact us today at (813) 835-8888 to schedule a consultation.