Riot Damage

Riots may be rare, but when they occur, they can be devastating to homeowners and property owners. Rioters are often indiscriminate about what they damage. As a result of a riot, you could have stolen goods, vandalism, broken windows, and your home or commercial building could even be burned to the ground. Worse, it’s often impossible to pinpoint the damage on one person.

Tampa Riot Damage Lawyer

If you’ve suffered damages to your property as a result of a riot, there’s a good chance your property insurance covers the cost of repairing, rebuilding and replacing what you’ve lost. The Tampa riot damage lawyers can represent you to help you fully recover the costs after rioters hit your property. We’ll represent you if your insurer attempts to delay or deny your settlement, or offers a settlement that doesn’t meet your needs. Call us today at (813) 835-8888 to schedule a consultation.

Our attorneys can represent clients in Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, Brevard County and Manatee County.

Potential Riot Damage in Florida

A riot is concerted acts of violence and terror by many people to express a common purpose. Riots typically occur after a newsworthy event that angers people, or a certain segment of the population, who then lash out in destructive and, often, illegal ways. Riots can involve looting, burning, vandalism and assault. Although rioting can hit residential areas, it typically occurs in highly trafficked areas and public spaces, meaning business owners are more likely to be affected.

Although rioting usually stems from long-held animosity and frustration, it can be triggered very suddenly and without warning and is very difficult to prepare for. The results for property can be mild – a broken window – or very severe, like the entire building being burned to the ground.

Since many people are involved in a riot, by definition, it can be difficult to impossible to pinpoint the specific person responsible

Making a Riot Damage Claim in Hillsborough County

Riots are a common named peril on property insurance policies. A named peril means the cause of the damage is specifically listed as something the policy covers. Your lawyer can file a claim on your behalf.

When you discover the damage, document it as soon as possible. Take plenty of pictures. If your store was looted, or items were stolen from your home, document everything that is missing. Find any documentation of the value of the missing items or inventory.

While police may be busy, it’s important to try to get an officer to your premises to file a report as soon as possible. The insurance company will likely ask for a report. Ask the officer to note all damage and missing items.

Delayed, Denied and Undervalued Central Florida Riot Claims

Your insurance company may deny your claim or delay so that it’s effectively denied. They may even accuse you of fraud – that you damaged your own property in order to claim it for insurance money.

Your insurance company may also attempt to offer a settlement that will not cover the damages you truly suffered in the riot. They may say the property you’re claiming was overvalued. They may use cheap and shoddy labor to say repairing the damages will not cost as much as you claim.

Your attorney can negotiate a better settlement that more adequately covers the damages you’ve suffered, or show the insurance company why they can’t deny your claim. If your insurer still refuses your claim or does not offer a sufficient settlement, he can take them to court.

Germain Law Group | Central Florida Riot Insurance Attorney

Damage caused by rioting is covered by most property insurance policies. If your home, business or other structure was damaged by rioters, seek the assistance of a Tampa riot damage lawyer. The experienced property insurance lawyers at the Germain Law Group are here to help you. Call us today at (813) 835-8888 to set up a consultation.