Ensuing Loss

Property claims insurance can get incredibly confusing when it comes to defective construction or faulty repairs. Ensuing loss is a term used for damages that occurred because of a previous loss. It usually covers shoddy repairs or unreliable constructions that leads to further damages.

The following is an example of an ensuing loss. Your roof is leaking so you hire a professional to repair it. Sometime later you discover the leak has grown exponentially and caused water damage to your items. After evaluating it you discover the roof job just made the leak worse. The extensive water damage after the repairs would be considered an ensuing loss.

If you are wishing to pursue a claim for ensuing losses, it’s imperative you seek an experienced insurance claims attorney.

Insurance Claims Attorney Explains Ensuing Losses in Tampa

Property claims insurance can be incredibly confusing when ensuing losses are accounted for. An ensuing loss is damage created by a previous loss such as a poor water pool installation job. If you are attempting to pursue a claim for ensuing losses, it’s crucial you have quality legal representation on your side.

To find an attorney who has a special focus in ensuing loss claims, call Germain Law Group, P.A.. Michael B. Germain is a skilled insurance claims attorney who has an in-depth understanding of ensuing losses. He can answer your questions and litigate for you if needed. Call us now at (813) 835-8888 to schedule a free consultation.

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Overview of Ensuing Losses in Florida

What is an Ensuing Loss?

Imagine this scenario; your pipes have been leaking so you hire a plumber. A few days later the pipes have burst completely, so both your home and items have sustained water damage. You call your insurance company because you know burst pipes are in your policy plan, but your claim is denied because the damage is considered an “ensuing loss.” But, how can this make sense? You have insurance and it covers water damage, so what’s the issue?

This is a situation many home and property owners face when filing a claim. An “ensuing loss” is damage that incurred as a result of a previous loss. It’s normally from a bad repair job, fault installation or defective construction. Some homeowner’s insurance incorporates ensuing losses, but generally it’s considered an exclusion to your policy.

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Examples of Ensuing Losses

An ensuing loss is damage that occurred because of a previous loss. It can range from an improper installation of a pool pipe to faulty electrical wiring around the home. Listed below are some examples of ensuing losses in Florida.

  • Damage from an improperly installed roof;
  • Mold from a shoddy pipe repair;
  • Water damage from a faulty pipe that burst; or
  • Fire from a sloppy electrical wiring job

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Does My Homeowner or Property Insurance Cover Ensuing Losses?

It’s important to know that not all policies are the same and yours may look different than our examples below. However, most general home and property owner insurance policies don’t cover ensuing losses. Instead the policy will cover the initial damage. So, if the ensuing loss was water damage from a shoddy pipe job, then the insurance will only cover the initial pipe repair.

If your insurance policy has an ensuing loss provision, then you may be covered. Filing a claim under an ensuing losses provision will only include the damage that occurred from the improperly installed equipment or sloppy repair job. So, if your roof collapsed because it was improperly installed, then your claim will only include the damage that occurred because of the roof falling. It won’t include repairs for the roof itself, which you must file a separate claim for.

The ensuing losses provision is complicated and required careful inspection of your policy. That’s why it’s recommended you hire quality legal representation to assist you with your claim. Your lawyer can examine your policy and draft a claim that reflects what you’re entitled to as a policyholder.

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Additional Resources

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Florida Office of Insurance Regulation – Visit the official website of the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation and learn more about how they enforce state insurance laws for both you and your insurance company. Access the site to use their rate comparison tools, find links to important resources and answers to commonly asked questions.

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Ensuing Losses Claims Lawyer in Hillsborough County, FL

Was your claim denied because your insurance company stated it was an “ensuing loss?” If so, it’s crucial you contact Germain Law Group, P.A.. Michael B. Germain is a reputable insurance claims attorney who has a special focus in ensuing losses provisions. He can guide you so you can get the coverage you’re entitled to.

Call Germain Law Group, P.A. now at (813) 835-8888 to set up a consultation with an experienced attorney. Michael B. Germain litigates for people throughout the Tampa and Tampa Bay area including Brandon, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Bradenton, Temple Terrace and Town ‘n’ Country.

This article was last updated on June 21, 2019.