Residential Roof Damage

The roof is one of the most vulnerable parts of your home to weather and other damaging elements. Events, like hurricanes, can rip the roof right off a house, or they can cause extensive damage that need repair. The roof is an important structural part of your home. If not repaired, you could see further damage down the line to other parts of your house. That is why you do not have time for your insurance company to delay or deny your claim.

Tampa Lawyer for Residential Roof Damage Claims

Michael Germain, of the Germain Law Group, represents policy holders whose insurance claims for roof damage have been unnecessarily delayed or denied, or who have received a settlement offer that will not cover the true cost of their damage. Your policy is an agreement with your insurance company, and when your roof is damaged, they need to live up to their side of that agreement.

Michael Germain can negotiate to get what you deserve. If they fail to act in a satisfactory manner, he is not afraid to sue them. Contact the Germain Law Group today at 813-835-8888 to set up a free consultation. We represent clients throughout Hillborough, Pinellas, Brevard and Manatee Counties.

Info on Roof Claims

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Important Evidence of Roof Damage

If you become aware of roof damage on your house, it is very important to document it as soon as possible. Make notes and take photos. If you use your phone to take photos, there will usually be metadata that can be used as evidence of the date.

Here are a few things to look for:

  • Any large holes in the roof
  • Broken or missing shingles
  • The roof’s membrane (usually rubber or plastic) has been lifted
  • Buffeting in the roof
  • Leaks, including any evidence in the interior of the house
  • Broken trusses
  • Missing or broken sheathing
  • Nails separated or uplifted
  • Any equipment on the roof, like air conditioners, antennae or satellite dishes, has been damaged

Be very thorough and look for everything that could possibly be damaged. If anything is left out of the claim, it may be impossible to obtain compensation for once a settlement is agreed to.
The evidence can be used in case the insurance company resists paying what you deserve.

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Issues in Roof Damage Claims

Often, there is little question that the roof was damaged. However, there are important details to look for in determining the settlement you should receive. Valuation will depend on factors like:

  • The age and condition of the roof
  • The type of roof
  • Any maintenance that may have been performed on the roof
  • Whether building codes in your area have any rules that dictate payment
  • If there is any related structural damage to the roof

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Germain Law Group, P.A. Insurance Attorney for Hillsborough County Roof Claims

If you have had roof damage and are having trouble obtaining a payout that reflects the true extent of your damages, contact a skilled attorney at the Germain Law Group. We’ll fight to earn the settlement you should be receiving for your damages. Call us today at 813-835-8888 to schedule a free consultation.