DeSoto County

Although it’s a relatively small county, the residents of DeSoto County have faced their fair share of natural disasters. Their central location in Florida makes them a prime target for tornadoes, thunderstorms, sink holes, and other possible naturally occurring events. That is why most residents turn to their insurers when a major storm or other event causes them loss.

Unfortunately, some insurers do not act with their policyholders in mind. Instead, they are looking to make a buck out of your policy by minimizing coverage as much as they can. They may dodge phone calls, ask for unnecessary paperwork, misrepresent facts about your policy, conduct a faulty investigation, and use other bad faith practices to avoid providing full compensation. Policyholders who face this dishonest and deception from their insurance companies can choose to pursue monetary damages against their insurer.

If you’re having issues with your insurance in the DeSoto County area, we urge you to consult an experienced insurance law attorney as fast as possible.

Insurance Claims Attorney in DeSoto County, Florida

Insurance providers have a much greater knowledge of insurance regulations, laws, and policies than the average policyholder. That is why the state of Florida has implemented laws that require insurance companies to act in good faith when processing, investigating, or paying out a claim. Insurance companies who fail to act in good faith can be held liable in court for damages.

If you believe your insurer is acting deceptive or dishonest, then consult an experienced DeSoto insurance attorney with Germain Law Group, P.A.. Michael B. Germain of Germain Law Group, P.A. has collectively over 10 years of experience negotiating and litigating on behalf of policyholders. He can examine your policy and determine if your insurance company is acting in bad faith.

Set up your first consultation with Germain Law Group, P.A. by calling our office at (813) 835-8888. Germain Law Group, P.A. accepts clients throughout the greater DeSoto County area including Arcadia, Southeast Arcadia, Hull, Nocatee, Hull, Brownville, Fort Odgen, Hidden Acres and Lake Suzy.

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 Should I Hire A Lawyer After an Insurance Claim Denial?

It’s highly recommended you secure legal counsel if your insurance claim is being continuously disputed or was denied despite being covered in the policy. Insurance companies are like any capitalist business, they want to make money. They may attempt to profit off your policy by minimizing their payout or denying your claim altogether. Often, it’s the hope of the insurance company that the policyholder will get burnt out on trying to collect on their claim and ultimately give up the effort altogether. All the while, the policyholder is simply trying to do everything they can to recover the compensation they were promised and struggling to maintain their daily life despite their losses.

Hiring an insurance attorney will safeguard you from misrepresentation of facts by your insurer. If you bring on an experienced claims attorney, they will take over all communications with your insurance company. That means you will no longer have to suffer on the phone for hours trying to understand what your adjuster is getting at. Instead, your insurance attorney will negotiate with your insurer for you. They will be able to identify any misrepresentation of facts and present the adjuster with irrefutable evidence as to why the claim is covered.

If your insurer won’t bend in negotiations, then your attorney can take the extra step to file a lawsuit against them for damages. Your attorney can then draft up an aggressive and effective demand letter to your insurer. It’s likely your insurance company will reject the demand, and if they do your insurance attorney can promptly file a lawsuit against them.

During the lawsuit, it’s imperative your insurance claims attorney is on your side. Insurance litigation can be complex and difficult to keep up with if you’re not familiar with the laws and regulations behind it. Having an experienced and skilled insurance coverage lawyer to represent you will result in a world of difference in court. They can dissect your insurance company’s argument and show why you were entitled to compensation for your denied or disputed claim.

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Civil Litigation Matters We Handle

Michael B. Germain doesn’t only take on cases of policyholders suing their insurance companies. He also handles all forms of civil litigation such as personal injury or contractual disputes. The following are some civil litigations cases we handle at Germain Law Group, P.A..

  • Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
  • UCC – Sales of Goods
  • Personal Injury
  • Deceptive Trade Practices
  • General Business Disputes
  • Unfair Business Practices
  • Contractual Disputes
  • Wage Garnishment
  • Levying Property
  • Small Business Litigation
  • Fraudulent Inducement
  • Debt Collection
  • Real Property Disputes
  • Construction Defect Litigation
  • Invasion of Property

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DeSoto County Cities We Serve

  • Arcadia
  • Southeast Arcadia
  • Hull
  • Lake Suzy
  • Nocatee
  • Brownville

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Insurance and Court Resources for DeSoto County, FL

De Soto County Courthouse | Twelfth Judicial Circuit Court – Visit the official website for the Twelfth Judicial Circuit, which has jurisdiction over Sarasota County, Manatee County, and DeSoto County. Access the site to find resources in their self-help center, the various services offered by the court, and gain access to downloads to important forms.

De Soto County Clerk | Nadia K. Daughtrey – Visit the official website for the County Clerk who is currently Nadia K. Daughtrey. Access the site to finance a court payment online, access self-help court forms, search up official court records online, and contact information for the clerk.

Florida’s Insurance Code – Visit the official website for Online Sunshine, a collection of Florida’s laws and legislation. Access the site to learn about civil procedures, civil remedies under the code, bad faith practices, and which state departments have jurisdiction over which case.

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Arcadia Attorney for Insurance Disputes in Florida

Insurance disputes can be incredibly complicated and all the while you’re struggling with the losses you’ve initially filed your claim over. Don’t spend another moment agonizing over what your adjuster said and instead hire an experienced DeSoto County insurance law attorney with Germain Law Group, P.A.. Michael B. Germain as over a decade of practice representing policyholders in their effort to collect from their insurance companies.

Collect the compensation you were entitled to by hiring Michael B. Germain. He can analyze your claim to determine its covered in the policy, take over negotiations with your insurer, and even file a lawsuit for you if your insurance refuses to pay out. Set up your first consultation with Germain Law Group, P.A. by calling our office at (813) 835-8888. Germain Law Group, P.A. accepts clients throughout the greater DeSoto County area and other counties such as Sarasota County, Polk County, Manatee County and Hillsborough County.

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