Walton County

Walton County is a part of the state of Florida located on the Emerald Coast. The county is humble with a population of around 55,000 and its current seat is DeFuniak Springs. The county of Wakulla has a southern border on the Gulf of Mexico. This proximity to the gulf has left the county vulnerable to all types of natural disasters including hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods.

Calhoun County residents prepare and plan for these natural events by obtaining property insurance for their homes or business. What many don’t realize is that some insurance companies will do whatever they can to minimize or even deny coverage altogether. They may dodge calls, ask for unnecessary paperwork, use confusing verbiage, misrepresent facts, and use a variety of bad faith practices to avoid providing a fair and equitable settlement.

If you’re having issues filing a claim with your property insurance in Wakulla County, we recommend you get in touch with Germain Law Group, P.A..

Property Insurance Lawyer in Miramar Beach, FL

Your insurance company should be doing everything in their power to make you whole after a loss. They shouldn’t be the cause of more stress. Unfortunately, this is a common scenario for policyholders with property insurance issues. If you are having issues filing a claim with your insurer, we recommend you consult with Germain Law Group, P.A..

Michael B. Germain has over a decade of experience he can utilize for your case. You can reach him at (813) 835-8888 to set up your first consultation. Germain Law Group, P.A. accepts clients throughout the DeFuniak Springs and Walton County area including Paxton, Miramar Beach, Freeport, and Argyle.

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What is a Bad Faith Insurance Claim?

While researching, you may have heard the term “bad faith” in relation to insurance or insurance claims. The term “bad faith” is defined under the Florida Statutes 624.155. An insurance company is considered to be acting in bad faith if they mishandle or wrongfully dispute or deny a claim. Participating or engaging in bad faith practices as an insurance company is illegal under Florida law.

Under Florida law, policyholders reserve the right to file a lawsuit against any insurance company who handled their claim in bad faith. The following are some examples of bad faith practices listed under the Florida statutes.

  • Giving low-ball settlement offers when they’re aware the claim is worth more
  • Fail to communicate in an effective and timely manner
  • Deny or dispute a claim without a proper investigation
  • Fail to send a settlement check to the policyholder in a prompt manner
  • Misrepresent facts or alter facts related to the policy or claim
  • Conduct an investigation and not follow the proper standards set forth by the Florida insurance code

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Walton County, FL Insurance Resources

First Judicial Circuit of Florida | Walton County Court – Visit the official website for the First Judicial Circuit Court of Florida which has jurisdiction over Walton County. Access the site to read more about their programs and services, information about the court, which judges are on the Walton County courthouse, and directions to the Walton County courthouse.

Walton County Clerk – Visit the official website for the Walton County clerk and Comptroller who is Alex Alford. Access the site to learn more about court services, search up official records, important forms you may need, pay a court payment online, and self-help resources.

Florida’s Insurance Code – Visit the official website for Online Sunshine, a collection of Florida’s laws and legislation regarding insurance rules and regulations. Access the site to learn about civil remedies under the code, policyholder rights, and other important information.

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Walton County Average Rate of Property Insurance

Value of Home in Walton County, FL % of Total Avg. Rate
Less than $50,000 16.0% $175
$50,000 to $59,999 3.0% $362
$60,000 to $69,999 5.0% $456
$70,000 to $79,999 2.0% $526
$80,000 to $89,999 4.0% $596
$90,000 to $99,999 2.0% $666
$100,000 to $124,999 8.0% $772
$125,000 to $149,999 9.0% $971
$150,000 to $174,999 9.0% $1146
$175,000 to $199,999 5.0% $1333
$200,000 to $249,999 10.0% $1602
$250,000 to $299,999 9.0% $1953
$300,000 to $399,999 10.0% $2492

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Other Civil Matters We Handle

  • Debt Collection
  • Levying Property
  • Small Business Litigation
  • Real Property Disputes
  • Construction Defect Litigation
  • Fraudulent Inducement
  • Unfair Business Practices
  • Personal Injury
  • Invasion of Property
  • Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
  • Deceptive Trade Practices
  • General Business Disputes
  • Contractual Disputes
  • UCC – Sales of Goods

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Walton County Cities We Serve

  • DeFuniak Springs
  • Freeport
  • Paxton
  • Miramar Beach
  • Darlington
  • Mossy Head
  • Glendale
  • Bruce
  • Argyle
  • Alys Beach
  • Seacrest
  • Seaside

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Walton County, FL Property Claims Attorney

You’ve paid your bills on time, you expect your insurance company to do the same and provide the compensation they promised. If you’re having issues with your insurance company, consult with Germain Law Group, P.A.. Attorney Germain has over 10 years of experience that could be vital to your case.

Call Germain Law Group, P.A. today at (813) 835-8888 to set up your first consultation in Walton County. Germain Law Group, P.A. accepts clients in Walton County and surrounding counties including Holmes County, Washington County, Bay County, and throughout the state of Florida.

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