Gulf County

Gulf County is a relatively modest community in Florida with a population of about 16,000 people. The county rests on the edge of the panhandle and it’s included in the Panama City metropolitan area. While the county may not have as many visitors as Panama City, it still draws tourists year-round with its beautiful national protected areas. Despite the tranquil nature of the region, Gulf County is still susceptible to all types of property damage.

Natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and sink holes are common in Gulf County and other parts of northern Florida. Many residents take out property insurance policies as a preventative measure to ensure their home or business is protected. Unfortunately, insurance companies will sometimes act in bad faith in an attempt to dispute or deny your claim. Learn what to do if you’re in a similar situation by contacting an experienced Gulf County insurance claims lawyer as soon as possible.

Insurance Claims Lawyer in Port St. Joe, Florida

Understanding whether a claim is covered in your policy is the first step. The next is to find evidence supporting why that claim is valid and full compensation must be given. You can accomplish this with the help of a skilled attorney such as Michael B. Germain of Germain Law Group, P.A..

Attorney Germain has over 10 years of experience he can apply for your case. Plus, for years he was a representative of insurance companies. That means he has a thorough understanding of how insurance agents think and what their strategies are when disputing or denying a claim. Set up your first consultation by calling our office at (813) 835-8888.

Germain Law Group, P.A. accepts clients throughout the Gulf County area including Port St. Joe, Wewahitchka, Dalkeith, Honeyville, Highland View, Indian Pass, Oak Grove, Overstreet, White City, St. Joe Beach, Cape San Blas and Howard Creek.

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What to Do If Insurance Doesn’t Pay

You purchased an insurance policy, you paid your premiums on time, now you’re in need of compensation but the insurance company is giving you grief—what can you do? Well, we recommend you secure experienced and skilled counsel in insurance claims as soon as possible. The reason why? Insurance companies are like any business, their intention is to make a profit.

In some cases, unethical insurance companies may attempt to make a profit off your policy by minimizing their payout or denying your valid claim altogether. This is especially common after a natural disaster when the insurance company is dealing with a flood of claims at once. Insurance companies who do deny or dispute valid claims, however, are in breach of contract.

Insurers can use a variety of bad faith practices to coerce their policyholders into accepting partial coverage or a denied claim. Some of these include denying a claim without a proper investigation or asking for unnecessary paperwork without any justifiable reason. Insurance companies do these bad faith practices hoping the policyholder will get burnt out trying to collect on their claim and ultimately give up the effort altogether.

That’s where legal counsel should come in. If you’re having issues with your insurance company, having a lawyer on your side will save you a lot of headaches. They can safeguard you from any misrepresentation of facts or other bad faith practices your insurer may try. Your insurance lawyer will take over all communications with your insurance company as well. That means no more long hours on the phone with adjusters or agents. Your attorney will negotiate for you on your behalf and keep you updated every step of the way.

The ultimate goal of your attorney is to ensure you receive a fair and equitable settlement. If your insurer just won’t bend in negotiations, then your attorney can take the next step. They can fulfill the appropriate paperwork needed to file a lawsuit against your insurance company. During the suit, your attorney can provide an effective argument and evidence supporting said argument as to why your claim is valid and why you deserve compensation.

If the lawsuit is successful, you won’t only be paid for your claim. You’ll also receive a monetary award for the damages you experienced due to your insurer’s actions. These damages can include mental anguish, loss of consortium, and more.

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What is the Average Homeowners Insurance in Gulf County, Florida?

Home Value in Gulf County, FL % of Total Avg. Rate
Less than $50,000 20.0% $217
$50,000 to $59,999 3.0% $470
$60,000 to $69,999 5.0% $584
$70,000 to $79,999 6.0% $676
$80,000 to $89,999 2.0% $768
$90,000 to $99,999 4.0% $860
$100,000 to $124,999 10.0% $997
$125,000 to $149,999 5.0% $1238
$150,000 to $174,999 11.0% $1468
$175,000 to $199,999 4.0% $1697
$200,000 to $249,999 11.0% $2041
$250,000 to $299,999 6.0% $2500
$300,000 to $399,999 8.0% $3177

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Insurance and Court Resources in Gulf County, FL

Fourteenth Judicial Circuit Court | Gulf County – Visit the official website for the Fourteenth Judicial Circuit and how they have jurisdiction over the Gulf County area. Access the site to find directions to the courthouse, contact information, important forms you may need, court rules, who is the current judge, and answers to your frequently asked questions.

Gulf County Clerk | Rebecca L. Norris – Visit the official website of the Gulf County Clerk and Comptroller, Becky Norris. Access the site to learn how to file a document online, pay a court payment online, look up court records, and other important information.

Insurance Code in Florida – Visit the official website for Florida’s laws and legislation to learn more about insurance laws and regulations in the state. Access the site to learn more about policyholder rights, civil remedies that may be helpful, and other important information.

Florida Department of Insurance Regulation – Visit the official website for the Office of Insurance Regulation to learn more about their responsibilities holding insurance companies accountable. Access the site to find a form, learn the rules for insurers, find consumer resources, look at industry reports, and much more.

FL Office of Attorney General – Visit the official website for the current Attorney General of Florida to learn how they investigate and prosecute consumer claims. Access their site to learn tips on how to avoid insurance scams, and contact information to report said scams.

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Other Civil Litigation Matters We Handle

  • Levying Property
  • General Business Disputes
  • Contractual Disputes
  • Invasion of Property
  • Debt Collection
  • Real Property Disputes
  • Small Business Litigation
  • UCC – Sales of Goods
  • Wage Garnishment
  • Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
  • Deceptive Trade Practices
  • Construction Defect Litigation
  • Unfair Business Practices
  • Personal Injury

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Gulf County Cities We Serve

  • Port St. Joe
  • Wewahitchka
  • White City
  • Overstreet
  • Indian Pass
  • Honeyville
  • Dalkeith
  • Cap San Blas
  • Highland View
  • Howard Creek
  • Oak Grove
  • Joe Beach

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Insurance Dispute Attorney in Gulf County, FL

Are you struggling to file a claim with your insurance company? Did your viable claim get denied or was disputed with little to no evidence by your insurer? If so, we urge you to contact Germain Law Group, P.A.. Experienced attorney Michael B. Germain has over 10 years of experience representing policyholders in their times of need. He’s had thousands of successful case filings and assisted hundreds of policyholders recover from their losses.

Call Germain Law Group, P.A. today at (813) 835-8888 to set up your first consultation. Germain Law Group, P.A. accepts clients throughout the greater Gulf County area and surrounding counties including Hillsborough County, Bay County, Pinellas County, Franklin County, Orange County, Liberty County, and Pasco County.

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